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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Massage for injuries and for pre and post sporting events. I will come to events or to sports clubs if required and treat people on site. Otherwise please make an appointment at the clinic.

If you have a sports injury of any kind, whether it be a recent or ongoing injury, massage can improve healing time to set you more quickly on the way to recovery.
Sports massage benefits;

The aim of pre event massage is to promote power, speed, endurance and to prevent injury. It enhances the tone of the muscle and flexibility of the athlete to prepare you for the event. It will help prepare you both physically and mentally for an event.

The aim of post event massage is to reduce muscular tension therefore reducing muscle discomfort and soreness.

The aim of sports Injury massage. Massage for a sports injury is recommended for restoration and rehabilitation. It helps to return you to your sport more quickly and with less discomfort.

Regular massage is a useful tool to maintain general fitness and prolong your sporting career or the hobbies you enjoy.